Private Investigations

Eagle-i Investigations is your choice to conduct investigations. We strive to provide you first-class investigative results to allow you to “see” what you could not before.

We have two mantras.

1. We found those that don’t want to be found-for hard locates i.e. subpoenas, surveillance, or heir/beneficiary.

2. We find digital evidence that resides on computers, mobile devices, vehicles, dvr’s and on the internet/dark web.

Whether you are an individual, an insurance company, or a law firm we will help you find the answers. Hire us to locate the electronically stored information that resides on a computer, mobile device, vehicles or the internet. Or if you have a subject you need to serve for legal process and can’t find them, let us find them! If you need us to conduct an Open Source Intelligence Techniques investigation to find out relevant information, then give us a call. Our professional service and track record will assure you we will give you the confidentiality, integrity, and dedication to conduct a thorough investigation.

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Discrete Private Investigations

Services for corporations and individual persons

  • Computer and Mobile Device Forensics
  • Vehicle Forensics
  • Social Media Collection & Monitoring
  • Cyberbullying & Cyberstalking
  • Webmail Monitoring & Collection
  • Fraud
  • Internet Investigations
  • Open Source Intelligence Investigations
  • DVR footage retrieval, editing, and enhancing
  • Bank Locates & Hidden Assests
  • Heir and Assest Locates
  • Hard Locates